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Our Story

Nothing can shine brighter than that of a good heart

When three family members passed away from heart disease and cancer, we experienced first-hand the magnitude of someone suffering and the hardships of caring for them. We knew that in their memory we had to find a way to continue to share the love and support that they so often provided to others and work to uplift those coping with these illnesses. 


The Heart of Gold Memorial Fund was founded in 2013 to benefit individuals, families, and caregivers of those who are fighting heart disease or cancer.


Each year, Heart of Gold hosts fundraising events to raise proceeds that are provided to organizations in Cincinnati that support these causes.


in loving memory

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Heart of GoLd Board


Jamie Mazza

Scott Peters

Lindsay Crowley

Eric Moore

Don Andres

Tony Lavatori

Brian Bazeley

Bryan Peters

Ryan Crowley

Eric Mazza

Nick Peters

Matt Peters

Our Board
Heart of Gold Memorial Fund, Ellie Brands

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